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Want to become a good editor on Trollpasta Wiki? Follow these tips on how (and how not) to become a more competent editor.


Examples of good edits

  • Undoing vandalism
  • Making multiple edits to one page and publishing all of the changes at the end
  • Adding categories that actually make sense to the article
  • Removing categories from pages that violate the genre listing guidelines
  • Marking spam pages for deletion

Examples of bad edits

  • Creating new categories without the admin team's permission
  • Editing an article repeatedly and publishing in between each change
  • Adding categories to articles that don't need them
  • Adding multiple pictures to pages that aren't necessary
  • If you continue to make bad edits you'll most likely get blocked

Site Maintenance

  • Always put {{Comments}} at the very bottom of a story, under the categories.
  • If a story has the Pages with grammar that doesn't suck category but also has a few grammatical and/or spelling errors, you should fix them instead of removing it, as proper spelling and grammar were the author's original intent. However, if the story also has the Bad Creepypasta, or Not Sure if Troll or Trying to Be Serious category, the Pages with grammar that doesn't suck category should be removed.
  • If you see a story uploaded from July 21, 2011 to December 31, 2012, add the Old Shit category to it.
  • Having a dot at the end of a URL in most cases breaks it when it's linked, so it's recommended you rename the page to remove the dot. e.g: The Story of PATRIXXX. becomes The Story of PATRIXXX
  • Categories can be added using the HotCat extension.
  • If you see a broken image on a page, do not remove it, only an admin can remove it. We are still searching for the original Trollpasta Wiki's images, as they were unfortunately not included in FANDOM's data dump.


  • Instead of adding ---- as a separator, you should instead add the {{centerdash}} template.
  • If a line begins with an action, e.g: *Ally raised her hand*, the first asterisk should be replaced with the {{*}} template. This is because in such cases asterisks can break the format.

Adding Media

  • Images can easily be added to a page. Firstly, upload the file using Special:Upload. Then, you add it to a page like this:
    • If it has a caption, then:
      • [[File:Filename.png|thumb|250px|CAPTION HERE]]
    • If it doesn't have a caption, then:
      • [[File:Filename.png|right|250px]]
    • If the image should go in the center, then:
      • [[File:Filename.png|center|250px]]
    • It should be noted that the value 250px is merely the default, and it can be changed. However, it is not recommended to go over 500px.
  • Videos should usually only go to the bottom of a page. To add them, put {{v|jNQXAC9IVRw}} at the bottom of the page.

Proper Attribution

The credit templates are as follows.

  • {{by|NAME}} - The regular credit template.
  • {{by-unknown}} - Only should be used when the original author of a story is unknown.
  • {{by-cpwuser|USERNAME}} - For pastas written by Creepypasta Wiki users
  • {{by-user|USERNAME}} - For pastas written by a user on the wiki
  • {{GLE}} - For pastas that were originally on Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki
  • {{Source|LINK HERE}} - For pastas with no credited author that you found on another site. Do not add https:// at the start of the link.

These are added at the bottom of a page, but above the categories.