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Midway through the month, the admins put up a themed poll of four terrible creepypastas that users can vote on. The story that receives the most votes gets featured on the front page as Fail of the Month.

August: Murderpuff

"I saw my friend in a pink Jigglypuff sweater. I gave a little giggle until I broke into laughter. But I stopped right when I saw it. A knife. His pocket knife. He swore only to use as a whittling knife."

A friend's infatuation with Jigglypuff turns him into a murderous weirdo for... some reason. There's not much of a story, but what is there is bizarre. The knife fight the main character has with the friend is especially comical. Short, but a quintessential fail.

July: MaRIo

"To this day, I cannot play Super Mario Bros... And the other morning, I woke up to see 'MaRIo' carved into my arm."

Much like every other bad video game creepypasta, this story relies heavily on gorey imagery within the game as a crutch. Despite a few laughable moments, like the game cartridge containing a note inside by the dad that says "you're next", it's largely by-the-numbers. Predictably, it ends with the protagonist proclaiming he'll never play the series ever again.


"I reluctantly clicked it, and the video started. What we saw horrified us. It was us, as characters in Minecraft, along with all of our family."

A story that implies the protagonist's friend is killed by an Enderman. In real life. That and the fact it portrays gorey Minecraft videos as genuinely terrifying makes it no surprise it won the poll. It's a doozy.

May: A Close Encounter with the Tails Doll

"The Tails Doll was furiously slashing at the door, a piece of the door flew out of the window and the Doll's dark eyes were glaring at me."

Unlike most video game pastas, this one involves a character from the game wreaking havoc in the real world. The story becomes more absurd as it progresses, including a scene where the Tails Doll wields a chainsaw against the protagonist. The outlandish material and horrid writing makes it a laughable fail in every way.

April: SpongeBob SquarePants: Rage and Depression

"I couldn't call Stephen Hillenburg because he died, so I decided to call Paul Tibbit. He told me that some SpongeBob hater nearby Nickelodeon Studios must've hijacked the place and created it."

A ridiculous and melodramatic story about SpongeBob going into a deep depression after Patrick dies in a plane crash. The poor writing, odd moments, and terrible dialogue is sure to get a laugh out of anyone.

March: Sonic.exe

"Sonic is the very embodiment of evil, he tortures people who play his game in more ways than one and then when he gets bored he drags you into the game, literally drags you to Hell, where he can play with you always, as his toy...."

Perhaps the most infamous video game creepypasta, it's no surprise Sonic.exe won the poll in a landslide. It's a tedious and poorly written slog that relies on clichés and pointless violence for horror. The author's meltdown in response to the story's deletion from Creepypasta Wiki has also gained infamy. In recent years the character of Sonic.exe has managed to stay popular and overshadow the story itself.

August 2022 (Pokemon-themed)
Stories Votes %
Murderpuff 24 38.1%
Pokemon Green Creepypasta 20 31.7%
Pokemon Wounded Silver 13 20.6%
Unwanted Soul 6 9.5%
Total 63 100%
July 2022 (Mario-themed)
Stories Votes %
MaRIo 23 43.3%
Hotel Mario: The 13th Hotel 12 22.6%
Super Haunted Galaxy 11 20.7%
Yoshi's Island Gone Wrong 7 13.2%
Total 53 100%
June 2022 (Minecraft-themed)
Stories Votes % 21 39.6%
Minecraft Mod 11 20.7%
Minecraft Skelie 11 20.7%
Minecraft: The Life of a Block 10 18.8%
Total 53 100%
May 2022 (Sonic-themed)
Stories Votes %
A Close Encounter with the Tails Doll 28 36.8%
Sonic's Pentagram 18 23.6%
Sonic Boom: The Fog 18 23.6%
Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine 12 15.7%
Total 76 100%
April 2022 (SpongeBob-themed)
Stories Votes %
SpongeBob SquarePants: Rage and Depression 24 33.3%
Spongebob Squarepants: The Lost Episode of Season 6 17 23.6%
How Spongebob Started 16 22.2%
Patrick's Leg 15 20.8%
Total 72 100%
March 2022 (Popular-themed)
Stories Votes %
Sonic.exe 50 35.9%
Happy Appy 28 20.1%
Blood Whistle 27 19.4%
Jeff the Killer 26 18.7%
Red Mist 8 5.7%
Total 139 100%