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Q: Is it true? Is Trollpasta Wiki really back?
A: Yes, this is the official continuation of the site that got shut down in August 2018.

Q: There are several other Trollpasta back-up sites. What makes this one official?
A: A few reasons: It was created by the former site owner, it's the most well-kept archive, and the other sites are either unorganized, poorly managed, buggy, and not up to date.

Q: Why did the original Trollpasta Wiki get shut down?
A: Trollpasta was always at risk of being shut down due to spam and NSFW pages. For years the community had made many efforts in purging these pages in order to prevent the site from being closed. Everything was going fine, until the site was shut down without warning on August 17, 2018. Trollpasta "not having a defined purpose" was said to be one of the reasons it was closed.

Q: Most pages have missing images. Why is that?
A: Unfortunately, none of the images on the old site were archived in Fandom's XML dump for it. We are working on restoring many of the images, but it's likely a lot of them can never be recovered. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Q: Where did the songs on the homepage go?
A: They were taking up too much space and weren't completely necessary. They're pretty old. But if you're feeling nostalgic and would like to view them still, check out this page.

Q: Why were some categories renamed or removed?
A: Some categories that were intentionally misspelled were renamed to proper spelling for the sake of convenience, while others were given more defined names. A couple categories with derogatory language were also renamed/removed in an effort to make the site less controversial and have a more wide appeal, and some categories turned out not to be very useful.

Q: There are some pages missing here that are available on other pasta sites. Why is that?
A: Since we are continuing where we left off with the old site, we're still deleting low quality Trollpastas that aren't worth reading. Trust us, you're not missing much from these pastas. Unlike other pasta wikis, you don't have to sift through dozens of bad, spammy, and unfunny pages that only exist to waste your time. We are a wiki that strives for quality, not quantity.

Q: What makes a "bad" trollpasta?
A: If a pasta is spammy, shitposty, and/or painfully unfunny, then it's most likely bad and not worth reading. Some shitpost pastas can be funny, but most of the time they fall flat, so it's best to avoid making them. Stories that are lazily written by adding a bunch of clichés and making no effort in making it entertaining are also not good. For more information, check out the Trollpasta do's and don'ts and clichés list.

Q: Why are there Creepypastas on here?
A: Some deleted Creepypastas are so bad they are worth preserving. Trollpasta Wiki just so happens to be the place where they're kept.

Q: Who founded the original Trollpasta Wiki?
A: Dronian created it on July 21, 2011.

Q: How can I help out with editing?
A: Check out the Editing 101 page for more details.

Q: There's an old pasta I made on here that I want to be removed. Can it be?
A: Yes, just message one of the site admins and we'll remove your story.