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  • DO think of an original idea. Copying a pasta will most likely have it removed. So think of something not many people have done.
  • DO read other pastas for a general idea of what people like. Don't know whether or not your stories is funny? Read generally loved pastas for a general idea of the wiki's sense of humor.
    • However, DON'T use one joke as a reference. This will make your pasta get stale and likely deleted.
  • DO write satire. That's what Trollpastas are; satire of normal creepypastas. Writing satire will give a true meaning to Trollpastas.
  • DO keep a good knowledge of categories. Putting categories on your story will help attract people to it. The more categories you add, the more likely someone will read it. Check out the Category List to help determine what categories should go on your pasta.
  • DON'T think just because it's bad, it's funny. This is they key rule to writing a good trollpasta. If it's an unreadable mess of caps and EVIL PATRIXXX, it's not funny. It's best to avoid writing these types of pastas, as they almost always will turn out bad. ZOMG IZ ZGARIEZED BAZDA LIGE 1337 H4X is a primary example of how not to obey this rule.
  • DON'T plagiarize. Don't copy an existing story and only change a few words in it. We used to occasionally allow these types of stories back in the day just for the novelty factor, but we've stopped in recent years.
  • DON'T spam. Most of the time when a user makes a spammy pasta, it's usually only one sentence long or is a series of jumbled up text. Needless to say, it's not funny. One sentence pastas can be funny, but most of the time they fall flat. We encourage users to write stories with a bit more substance.
  • DON'T make pastas that are essentially targeted harassment. While there are some not so good authors out there, especially in the Creepypasta sphere, we don't condone any harassment or hate directed towards them. Steer clear of writing stories that's main purpose is to bash someone. We're not about that.