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A list of entertaining stories featured on the front page, picked by the admin team. Blue stories are trollpastas, red stories are bad creepypastas.



Cars 4 Trollpasta-logo.png
"It then showed the protagonist of the soon to be franchise finishing up snorting something white and powdery."

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kreepy Quest Creepypasta-button.png
"Suddenly, the power in my apartment was cut, except for the television, and I was horrified to watch the bloody scene."

Ted Bundy (SNES)Trollpasta-logo.png
"'I wish Ted murdered your ass in the 70s.' My stepfather told me at breakfast."

The Other Windows No One Talks About Creepypasta-button.png
"all I heard was mike screaming 'THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE SYSTEM32, NO, NO, NO DON'T!-' a gunshot was heard as the phone hung up."


Benefits of Morbius Trollpasta-logo.png
"The path of Morbius was never meant for the ordinary men."

Floorboards Creepypasta-button.png

Critique of "Family Guy Funny Moments"Trollpasta-logo.png
"This was detrimental to Funny Cartoon Free Episode’s mental state."

American Dad Theory Creepypasta-button.png
"No one ever knew about Francine's death because no one cared."


How to Summon Colonel Sanders Trollpasta-logo.png
"However, if you did this incorrectly and plugged it in, it will instead play 'Friday' by Rebecca Black. This is deadly."

The McDonald's Building Creepypasta-button.png
"I didn't even have time to eat fries."

Pong FanfictionTrollpasta-logo.png
"They have families and lives, but those are both just tossed aside like they are nothing."

Later Days Creepypasta-button.png
"He then said 'you want me to do it don’t you', very loudly, it sounded so real, like he was sitting next to me, yelling into my ear."


MichaelLeroi vs Jeff the Killer Trollpasta-logo.png
"Jeff pulled out his phone and made a call. 'I have to see you right away.'"

Courage the Cowardly Dog: Massacre Matt Creepypasta-button.png
"I began to question this cartoon's legitimacy, as it was getting darker and darker in personality."

Rick and Morty: The Lost Rickiso- err- EpisodeTrollpasta-logo.png
"Rick used his baseball bat to beat Morty up real hard and it went on for 3 and a half minutes"

Super Mario 46 Creepypasta-button.png
"I was angry because he got away. Why was I angry? He was still mocking me!"


Mountain Dew Lost Flavor Trollpasta-logo.png
"We're gonna go with the new flavor, but we're gonna also add a bunch of cocaine to it."

Sesame street: Killer in the street Creepypasta-button.png
"The Murder Got out a AK-A4 And started to Shoot All Over Cookie Monster's Body"

AVGN - Game Over Trollpasta-logo.png
"I started to feel sick, as if the video was corrupting me as well."


Castlevania Trollpasta-logo.png
"I couldn't save Simon from the horror and I can't save myself from it either."

Donkey Kong Country Lost Episode: Bluster's a Mafia Boss Creepypasta-button.png
"By the end I was flabbergasted. You couldn't make this shit up."

Croc GameTrollpasta-logo.png
"I finally hit the power button, and proceeded to vomit all over the floor,"

Jeff Vs Freddy Krueger Creepypasta-button.png
"all Freddy can see in Jeff's black eyes is Pain….and Death."



Another Shitty Mario 64 Pasta Trollpasta-logo.png
"There are no haunted plushes in my room yet, but I'm sure one will show up soon."

After All These Years Creepypasta-button.png
"He was drawn in the same hyper-realistic style as Bart's corpse"

STARFOX 6664Trollpasta-logo.png
"red smoke came out of the system and formed the shape of a skull, Probably My Skull!!!"

Among us: the thing man Creepypasta-button.png
"I see a figured outside my window that looks like a among us character"

Impractical Jokers: Laughter Is Good Medicine Trollpasta-logo.png
"Q pretended to be homeless and stole charity money out of a jar from an orphanage"

The Simpsons - Bob's Visit Creepypasta-button.png
"The crying didn't sound like cartoon crying, it was realistic crying in pain."

SpongeBob Lost Episode: The Poop BucketTrollpasta-logo.png
"I still have nightmares of being submerged in Mr. Krabs' warm crab poop to this day."

Ren and Stabby Creepypasta-button.png
"I didn't know what to do. It was so horrifying that I just passed out."


A Goofy Movie (Alternative Ending) Creepypasta-button.png
"I asked my cousin if he made the tape. He wasn't there."

The Legend of Finger Guy Trollpasta-logo.png
"Finger Guy doesn't just attack people either, he [...]"

Caillou: Final Straw Creepypasta-button.png
"I'm going to tell you about the most horrific moment I had ever witnessed."

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Story ends NOW!Trollpasta-logo.png
"He then talks about committing suicide. In a childrens book. I was shocked."

Eminem: Buried Alive Creepypasta-button.png
"My pastor buried me alive for listening to Eminem."