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A list of entertaining stories featured on the front page, picked by the admin team. Blue stories are trollpastas, red stories are bad creepypastas.



"My mouth hung open like I just watched Jesus come back from heaven. What the shit was that? How could they have even thought about showing that to children? It was a good thing that this media was lost, because I don't ever want to watch it again."

"While the game was loading, my friend texted me and said 'Why'd you take the game! You have to give it back! NOW!!!'"

"Each terrible bite spawned some new horror before me, including a bunch of skeletons popping out, extreme amounts of blood, and secret messages in all sorts of very spooky foreign languages. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen in my life."

"I noticed that it smelt like burning plastic, like a burning LEGO piece, then I found out the Microfighter Falcon I bought was melting in the oven that was like left out overnight."


"I beg you not to dismiss me as insane for saying that. In fact, I implore you to read on if you did. This is not a "theory", this is a warning. A warning for the entire human race to heed."

"My craving for disastrous content got greater and greater. I couldn't control my craving, for it was the only thing that would satisfy any part of me. My days were basically staying home to browse the web for gore and illegal content 'til the early morning."

"Have you ever met someone you knew you were going to hate from the very first sentence you heard uttered from their slimy, disgusting vocal chords? That person was a vendor at a local retro game convention I had my first of many encounters with."

"That... THING that killed her is out there, waiting for me. It has long, lanky arms that hang to its knees, while its claw like nails scrap the floor as it walks... Its dark face had no mouth or nose, only large, beady eyes that glare at you, and stare into your soul."


"Adam Sandler is my fucking life. Adam Sandler should be your life, too. If you disagree, I will mercilessly beat you with a ratchet until you are a shriveling mass of blood and fecal matter."

"I then looked at my phone. I now only had 13 pentagrams in my inventory. They all did nothing. Screams and crys of help along with loud, demonic chanting filled the speakers."

"The door shut, and in that instant, a loud KABOOOOMMM rang my ears. Turning a bright white now instead of red, the TV screen displayed, once more, unbearably realistic and detailed footage of the nuke exploding as it wiped Springfield across the face of the planet in a blast."

"Eddy chased Ed through the cul-de-sac with the mallet. Ed took a sharp turn past Ralph who was giving chickens some feed. Eddy swung for Ed put accidentally killed Ralph in the process."


"After mustering up the courage to research Sonic.EXE further, I discovered Windows applications used to be called executable files... and my entire PC was filled to the brim with them. Left and right I started deleting them in hopes of stopping the evil of .EXEs from getting me. But they were fighting back. As I was deleting them my PC began randomly rebooting with a giant blue :( face."


"As Barney spoke I could see that he was smoking the biggest cigar I had ever laid my eyes upon, both in real life and fiction, as it practically pointed across the table. The phattest puffstick. The most devious doobie. I was shocked."

"'You are cursed Richard. You shouldn't be in this world, YOU CHILD OF A SATAN'"



"'This is the last delivery of the day. I need you to get this pizza to 13 Demon’s Street, postcode 666 EVIL.' He bellowed while forcibly shoving the pizza box down my pocket, tearing my clothes to shreds."

"'HELP!!!!' 'baaaah' 'HELP!!!!' 'baaahh'"

"Did Megamind just say 'fuck'? Actually, back up a minute, did Mac Tonight say 'bitch'? What the hell was the cursing about?"

"'Steve, the box. There's something wrong with it.' 'What happened?' 'It's opening, by itself.'"


"I immediately jumped, and then moved my mouse over to the mediafire link, right clicked it, selected copy link address, and then opened a new tab, and copy pasted the link, and hit enter. I was then met with 5 buttons that said download. I clicked the big blue one at the top, which I was knew was the correct one when I got a prompt that said i was downloading "SONIC.EXE". I had passed the first trial."

"Roy was dead, the next phone call said. I sold the game at a yard sale. I sobbed, alone, in my room. I was responsible. I killed my friend. But the game was the one that caused it."

"It just had the letter "H" on it. How weird. I held onto it and kept walking, not wanting to litter. I got to a crossing where a car was going by, and some asshole threw a wad of paper at me! I opened it up..."

"My dad was mad about McDonald's and he couldn't live without having something from McDonald's at least once a day. It was good for him, but not for the rest of the family who had to put up with him. We gradually started to avoid eating at McDonald's with him, and he showed obvious displeasure at our lack of enthusiasm."


"I've watched Black Adam 10000 times and it gets better everytime I see it. I've actually tried getting marriage certificates so I can legally marry my copy of the Black Adam DVD, but apparently that's 'illegal', but I'll do it one day, just you wait."

"The photo now contains me, looking on my phone while the camera peeks on the corner. This horrified me since it was 3 AM and it is highly regarded as 'The Devil's Hour'."

"Life in this world is quite relaxing whenever you don't have shit getting thrown at you, getting eating by creatures, or getting jumped by some jerk who just doesn't care."

"What I noticed was the engineer, he was more gloomy, his shirt was extremely darker, and his eyes were glowing red. The thing that got me the most was the craft number, the devils number. I think that was a little creepy. Considering the fact that the engineer looked demonic."


"It starts with Jim Carrey walking into a dark room wearing nothing but his underwear, and the green makeup he wore in The Mask. He says nothing. He just poorly dances to Michael Jackson's "Bad" which faintly echoed in the background from a boombox that was placed in the corner. He tries to do the moonwalk, and falls, breaking his shin on a marble coffee table."

"Then It came into the police station. People were screaming! Blood was going everywhere! Guns were shot! That thing just would not die!"

"I tried this nasty abomination during a test market, and it was as bad as it sounds. I definitely couldn't eat the burger all together.. I had to keep splitting it up. The ingredients, like I said before, made me want to throw up. Who puts apple sauce with ranch dressing? I couldn't believe it."

"It froze, but as I went to reset the Xbox, the Xbox started to smoke, and then it lit on fire as Geth Pyro sound effects played."


"I was caught up by a homeless man who had a large, greyed-out beard, red eyes like he was about to cry himself into a trip, a stench of expired groceries and rat venom, and a deep, crooked voice that could only perform 14% volume... In the middle of a shouting crowd!"

"About 1 minute into it, when he gets out of his room, he walks downstairs about 5 seconds before his dad walks through the front door with a blood-stained machete in his hand. Timmy, about as terrified as I am at this point, whine-screams 'Dad, what have you done?!?'"

"I hung my head in shame. I had been insulted gravely by one of my role models, my icons, my favourite actor of all time. This was too much for me. I could have just turned off the TV right then and there, but I kept watching."

"'No... More... More... MORE MORE MORE!!' he threw the entrails everywhere in a violent bloody rage. But his goring was cut short by an unfamiliar voice 'Quite a mess your making, aren’t you, Jeff.'"


"'Oh my god, can you shut the fuck up? Stop asking me for change, I’m trying to do my sound check!'"

"By the time Scrooge was nothing but a pile of rotting, pixelated meat, it just left the game with that image for 2.5 seconds before cutting to a "Game Over" screen with a bunch of demonic laughing playing at full blast."

"Suddenly, Jacob was having an out of body experience, mindlessly swinging as quickly and forcefully as possible, making the trees cry in pain."

"I blocked all phone calls...until I last call from my Brother, Steve. I answered it, and he said, 'I have been hearing a few rumors about you and that game. Just get rid of it so the neighborhood can stop worrying so much!' I grabbed my phone and I threw it in the back seat."


"If you buy a used camcorder and find the previous owner left one of their tapes inside, refrain from watching that tape no matter how tempting it may be."

"the creature run the through stairs while I husband and myself rushed to helped our daughter. Herself were very action injured and speak only once more on woman of below alive. Herself say 'he the is rake'"

"I'm willing to put my life on the line for some Reddit Gold, or better yet, a lengthy YouTube essay about my revelation. The internet deserves the truth."

"Mario's face melted and he was no longer the friendly Mario and he reached out and his hand come out of the TV as a real hand and arm and grabbed me and started to drag me in"


"Drake and Josh became addicted to methamphetamine, only to convert the hotel into a meth house which eventually resulted in them being found out and the hotel being shut down for good."

"'Come on Ricky seriously turn it off!' Liam shrieked 'I'm fucking trying!' Ricky shouted back. Ricky finally unplugged the 64 and it went off, me and my friends got really scared, What game is this?"

"The first thing that struck me was the image on the front. Was that Mr. Clean? What happened to him? He didn't resemble a human being anymore. He looked like a half-paralyzed alien that just had a minor stroke, and then soiled himself. It was disturbing, to say the least."

"Everything around us was a warm red color, and every where else? It was cold. The worst part, everything that wasn't within a foot of us was 66.6 degrees."


"'What? No! Out of toilet paper? Oh shit...'"

"He then grabbed my neck and said: 'You made a biggest mistake of your life by climbing on my hill.'"

"I awoke the next day, feeling like I had been run over by a truck. I didn't know if I should just go on with my life or if I should just kill myself, but I still had Better Call Saul on the mind."

"If you're watching this, then I'm definitely already dead. And my sister followed my instructions to give you this VHS. Fred, what you are about to see is real, it's no urban legend shit. It's fucking real."


"PACTRICKZZZ occasionally will try to challenge his cousin to a duel, but PATRIXXX always prevails, sending him back to the dark pit from whence he came. PATRIXXX, coincidentally, is the only one capable of defeating his cousin."

"Okay, there is a HUGE problem here! The game turned itself on last night. I don't know how. Wario Land turned on, and it took me to the Temple. The weird guy there said something in Latin. I looked it up and it said, 'The game will determine your fate.' Someone help me."

"Hi, kids. (childish giggling) Today, I'm going to teach you about...DEATH!"

"On my way there, I noticed something in the window of the local gas station. Now it wasn't just a sign or food, it looked like a game console! Why would a gas station sell a game console, I don't know..."


"Elmo then said 'HAVE YOUR COOKIES IN HELL FATASS!' I could not believe Elmo would fat shame someone I was shocked. I believed Elmo was a nice dude. Elmo subsequently kills Cookie Monster to death by separating his head from his body."

"I was stiff, cold, and my eyes were red from crying. My face burned from the claw marks I had inflicted on myself. They called my mom, telling her what had happened, and she rushed to get me. I still couldn't speak, and if I did, the only thing that would come out was 'I can't unsee'"

"For Super Bowl LII 2018, Adult Swim paid ESPN $6 million to have a monster truck made in the image of Rick Sanchez called "The Rickmobile" drive around the football field during the half-time show. This did not go according to plan. At 6:32 PM, when Tom Brady was in the outfield enabling a run to be scored, the self-driving Rickmobile headed straight for Tom Brady, crushing him."

"The next scene then showed... oh God... not Private! He was standing on top of the Central Park Zoo sign, and he had a very sad expression. There is some static sound in the background, but you could see him mouthing the words "Why?" Then Private falls over to the ground and he exploded blood and gore. This emotionally effected me greatly, as Private was one of my favorite characters."


"In addition to his personal attributes and accomplishments, Obama also has a wide range of skills and talents that could make him a formidable opponent in Super Smash Bros. As a former basketball player and avid sports fan, Obama could have moves that incorporate elements of basketball, such as slam dunks and dribbling."

"I was heading to the front door but then I saw my dad standing there with the blood red eyes. He came at me and he just keep saying 'GAMES WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE!!!'. The only thing I could do is run down to the basement and lock the door behind me. Then I looked over and I saw the arcade game powered on there on the screen was my dads face."

"He then saw me, and began emitting his signature sound of SHHHHHHHHHHH! I was petrified so I threw my flashlight at him, were he then began to let out his annoying cry of EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

"Busky Kicks Chris in the mouth, grabs his knife and stabs Chris in the Leg, as Chris limped, he ties up Busky again, takes his knife, stabs him in the nose and starts spilling alcohol and gasline. 'What the Fuck!' as Busky questions"



"And after Halloween's gone what's next? Memorial Day? INDEPENDENCE DAY?! I'll be damned if I let that fat Cherry nosed Son of a bitch change the red white and blue flag to silver and Gold!"

"The screen then cut to black. After that, a message box came up saying 'YOUR GAME SAVE FILE HAS BEEN DELETED' 'NEVER USE GAMESHARK AGAIN'"

"'Ready to die, grandson ?' the Grandfather says. 'No, i am not ready, go fuck yourself!' Caillou screamed."

"As soon as he hit the ground, something inside me caused me to leap out the window and start running towards the sight. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have done that. But what could I do? My friend was dead and this monster was just standing there staring at his corpse."


"Robert 'SpongeBob' SquarePants is wanted for murder, public indecency, aggravated assault, theft, arson, domestic terrorism, consumption of human flesh, tax evasion, parking in restricted areas, treason, etc."

"The text kept getting bigger and the screech getting louder and high pitched. And soon after, the red eye appeared again, with the screech reaching its maximum pitch and volume, piercing through my ears and literally making them bleed."

"'You think I'm stupid, huh?' Spider-Man says in response before he is hit in the head with a frying pan repeatedly 'Hey, it's just a movie, why are you getting fucking worked up over a movie?' Osborn yells while acting like a maniac."

"For years, Davis has been slowly losing his grip on reality and putting his existential crisis into the daily funnies. And people buy into this lie, day after day after day."


"The woman ran up to the counter and the Vegetable Man touched one of the cashiers. He turned into a bell pepper."

"Intestines pulled out neatly juxtaposed - Excited to watch them decompose"

M&M's remind me of drugs because they're easy to get, they give you a high, they make you feel like a hero, and they can make you do stupid things. The stupidest thing I ever did while eating M&M's was join a cult."

"'You see, all of the halloween specials we’ve done have been cheesey and not scary, I suggest we do one that will make kids cringe!'"


"'Neptunedamnit! I'm constipated! If only I didn't have Sea-banana bread this morning!'"

"Red is my morphine, my cocaine,my passion…my passion for my hate of the humans sickening soul."

"The can dropped on the floor, and a human-like figure began to squeeze out of it. As soon as the figure rose to its feet, my heart sank as I recognized who it was."

"CatDog ran outside, trying to stab each other. I decided to pull out my phone and film what was going on."


"I stared at the Genesis for so long my hands, eyes, and anal sphincter became sunburned."

"As soon as I saw the barney suit I thought something was off. I wasn't sure at the time what was strange about but it gave of a dry, old odor coming from the inside."

"Swimming in Lake Evil can cause blood pooling in the gums, nausea, vomiting, anemia, diarrhea, and fatigue."

"it showed my character looking down to his feet as he's being pulled through the ground by the hands, and screaming and begging for his life in what seems like Italian."


"It then showed the protagonist of the soon to be franchise finishing up snorting something white and powdery."

"Suddenly, the power in my apartment was cut, except for the television, and I was horrified to watch the bloody scene."

"'I wish Ted murdered your ass in the 70s.' My stepfather told me at breakfast."

"all I heard was mike screaming 'THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE SYSTEM32, NO, NO, NO DON'T!-' a gunshot was heard as the phone hung up."


"The path of Morbius was never meant for the ordinary men."


"This was detrimental to Funny Cartoon Free Episode’s mental state."

"No one ever knew about Francine's death because no one cared."


"However, if you did this incorrectly and plugged it in, it will instead play 'Friday' by Rebecca Black. This is deadly."

"I didn't even have time to eat fries."

"They have families and lives, but those are both just tossed aside like they are nothing."

"He then said 'you want me to do it don’t you', very loudly, it sounded so real, like he was sitting next to me, yelling into my ear."


"Jeff pulled out his phone and made a call. 'I have to see you right away.'"

"I began to question this cartoon's legitimacy, as it was getting darker and darker in personality."

"Rick used his baseball bat to beat Morty up real hard and it went on for 3 and a half minutes"

"I was angry because he got away. Why was I angry? He was still mocking me!"


"We're gonna go with the new flavor, but we're gonna also add a bunch of cocaine to it."

"The Murder Got out a AK-A4 And started to Shoot All Over Cookie Monster's Body"

"I started to feel sick, as if the video was corrupting me as well."


"I couldn't save Simon from the horror and I can't save myself from it either."

"I finally hit the power button, and proceeded to vomit all over the floor,"

"By the end I was flabbergasted. You couldn't make this shit up."

"all Freddy can see in Jeff's black eyes is Pain….and Death."



"There are no haunted plushes in my room yet, but I'm sure one will show up soon."

"He was drawn in the same hyper-realistic style as Bart's corpse"

"red smoke came out of the system and formed the shape of a skull, Probably My Skull!!!"

"I see a figured outside my window that looks like a among us character"

"Q pretended to be homeless and stole charity money out of a jar from an orphanage"

"The crying didn't sound like cartoon crying, it was realistic crying in pain."

"I still have nightmares of being submerged in Mr. Krabs' warm crab poop to this day."

"I didn't know what to do. It was so horrifying that I just passed out."


"I asked my cousin if he made the tape. He wasn't there."

"Finger Guy doesn't just attack people either, he [...]"

"I'm going to tell you about the most horrific moment I had ever witnessed."

"He then talks about committing suicide. In a childrens book. I was shocked."

"My pastor buried me alive for listening to Eminem."