Yet More Jeff The Killer Spinoffs That Will Never Happen

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

The third in the series. Collect 'em all! Or don't. Part one. Part two. Part four. Part five. Part six. Part seven.

Jeff begins flight class.

Jeff Gets Helmet Hair

Jeff Burns His Finger...AT NIGHT

Jeff Blows All His Savings In Vegas

Jeff Masturbates In Public (And Never Gets Caught)

Jeff Kills The President (And Never Gets Caught)

Jeff Starts A Nuclear War (And Never Get Caught)

Jeff Gets Caught Jaywalking

Jeff vs. The Amalgamated Lawfirm Of Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe (SPOILER: Jeff loses.)

Jeff kills EVIL PATRIXXX *we all know this wont be here nor creepypasta wiki cause EVIL PATRIXXX cant die

Jeff Gets So Supremely Angry That He Manages To Turn His Carved Smile Into A Frown

Jeff Blackmails Slendy Into Letting Him Borrow His Suit For The Prom

Jeff Tha Killah And Smile Dawg Have An Epic Rap-Off (SPOILER: Smile Dawg wins)

Jeff Gets His Block Knocked Off

Jeff And Masky Mud-Wrestle

Jeff and Jane's Bondage Fun

Jeff and the Glory Hole

Jeff Grows Tusks

Jeff's Detachable Penis

Jeff Gives Birth Through His Mouth

Jeff Eats A 747 In One Sitting

Jeff Removes Three Ribs To Suck Himself Off

Jeff Opens A Restaurant (Spoiler: JEFF BURGERS ARE MADE OF PEOPLE!!!)

Jeff And Freddy Kruger Exchange Cookie Recipes

Jeff Vs. World Hunger (his solution? NUKE EVERYTHING)

Jeff's pie.

Jeff Vs. Those Hard-To-Open Milk Cartons

Jeff Wins The Blue Ribbon At The County Fair For His Pie (by killing the judges and declaring himself the winner)

Jeff Frolicks Through The Flowers

Jeff Blatantly Cheats At Poker

Smiledog Gives Birth To A Healthy Litter Of Smile.jeffs (wait, isn't Smiledog male?!)

Yep, Jeff's seed is so powerful, it can even impregnate other species!

Jane Kills Jeff AGAIN (c'mon people, Jane is a terrible character)

Jeff Vs. The Cheetahmen

Jeff Gets Mario's Tanuki Leaf

Jeff Becomes Addicted To Krispy Kreme Donuts

Jeff The Killer Vs. Mars. As in the literal planet Mars.

Jeff vs. Colonel Sanders

Jeff Sticks Bananas In His Ears

Jeff's Eyes Implode

Jeff's Toothache

Jeff Orders Pizza

Jeff Visits God

Jeff Tries To Kick A Football But Lucy Keeps Pulling It Away At The Last Second

Jeff Kills Lucy

Jeff and B.O.B Play Poker

Jeff Decides to Huff Paint with Wolfenmaus (Now what is this nonsense?)

jeff eats irish bread

Jeff Gets Mummified


Jeff Gets Swampass

Jeff gets the swine flu

Jeff's Giant pen0r

Jeff Discovers A Hoodie Is Not The Best Thing To Be Wearing In Triple-Digit Temperatures

Jeff The Killer Roasting On An Open Fire, Tails Doll Nipping At Your Nose

Jeff Kicks Justin Beiber In The Grill

Jeff Slowly Transforms Into A Camel

Jeff goes to best buys and gets E.T the video game

Jeff Farts On BEN

Jeff Dances The Can-Can

Jeff Steps On Suicide Mouse

Jeff's Appendix Bursts

Jeff Smokes 200 Joints At Once

Jeff Meets A Hermaphrodite From Outer Space.

Jeff Drinks 200 Gallons Of Melonade

Jeff's Head Grows To Frightening Proportions

Jeff Marries Bigfoot

Jeff The Hippie

Jeff Angers The Toilet God (no really, there's a Shinto god of toilets.)

Jeff's Crotch Turns Into A Full-Scale Battleship

Jeff's Hair Becomes Sentinent And Holds Him For Ransom

Jeff Motorboats Smiledog's Belly

Jeff Blows Up The Ocean

Jeff's Blue Balls

Jeff Melts Into A Murderous Puddle

Jeff Gets An Enema

Jeff Does Impressions

Jeff The Sockpuppet

Jeff eats some cereal.

Murder-O's! Comes with free boxcutter inside!

Jeff goes bowling

Jeff does a math quiz. And fails.

Jeff Gets Hired As A Sex Ed Teacher.

Imagine: Sex ed quizzes.

Jeff is Sad Trollpasta Wiki is Making Fun of Him ;(

Jeff The Astronaut

Jeff Hibernates for the Winter

Jeff's Skeleton Pops Out

Jeff's Ballet Class Extravaganza

Jeff Meets The Rhubears

Jeff Gets His Dick Stuck in a Car Door

Jeff Plays New Super Mario Bros. 2

Jeff Gets Gold Fever

Here Lies Jeff The Killer, Macarony And Chease

Jeff's Tummy Hurts

Jeff Discovers The Joys Of Bubble Wrap

Jeff Gets A Sinus Infection

Jeff and Skeletor's Dance-Off

Jeff's Nipples Get Sore

Jeff Eats The Yellow Snow

Jeff Gets Struck By Lightning

Jeff Licks His Elbow

Jeff Gets A Foot Massage

Jeff Wears Heart-Pattern Boxers

Jeff's Laryngitis

Jeff's Head Lice Stage A Rebellion

Jeff Goes Scuba Diving

Jeff Meets The Jetsons

White-Skinned Serial Killers Can't Jump

Jeff Rides Smiledog Like A Horsie

Jeff Meets A Gelatinous Cube

Jeff Brushes His Teeth

Jeff Sees This Page And Proceeds To Brutally Murder Every Single User On This Wiki

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