More Jeff The Killer Spinoffs That Will Never Happen

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This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

The much-anticipated sequel to the first. As before, some of the entries were added by folks in Creepypasta Wiki Chat. Part three. Part four. Part five. Part six. Part seven.

Jeff Squirts Lemon Juice Into His Eye

Jeff Sings Wesley Willis' Greatest Hits

Jeff Becomes A Male Model

Jeff Eats Crow (literally)

Jeff Becomes A Burger-Flipper

Jeff Vs. The Chicken Cow

Jeff Stars In A Crappy Chinese Bootleg NES Game

Jeff Does Nothing Of Interest

Jeff Gets Kicked In The Balls. Hard.

Jeff Accidentally Erases Himself From Existence

Jeff Goes Planking

Jeff Takes Up Stamp-Collecting

Jeff Fries Evil Kermixxx's Legs In Butter

Jeff Wears A Festive Christmas Sweater

Jeff's Hoodie Gets Eaten By Moth Larvae

Jeff Switches Heads With A Fly In A Teleporter Accident


Jeff Saves Christmas (by burning Santa's workshop to the ground. DO NOT QUESTION HIS LOGIC.)

Jeff's Ingrown Toenail

Jeff Joins The Borg

Jeff Gets Enlisted In Military School

Jeff's Butt Approaches Critical Mass

Jeff Is Sued For Copyright Infringement By The Joker

Jeff The Nun

Jeff Fails To Conceal His Boner

Jeff Uses The Power Glove

Jeff The Killer Impregnates Himself

Jeff Gets All His YouTube Videos DMCA'd

Jeff Gets Locked In The Closet

Jeff Punches Himself In The Face

Jeff's Zany Cravings

Jeff Gets Trapped In The 1950's

Jeff The Potato Gets Deep-Fried

Jeff The Killer Screams Racial Epithets For An Hour

Jeff's Banana Madness!!!

Jeff Converts To Buddhism

Jeff Gets Braces

Jeff Lays An Egg

Jeff Vs. Karnov

Jeff Sucks At Castlevania

Jeff Isn't Real, You Idiots

Jeff Smokes Cigars and Stunts His Growth

Attack Of The Mini-Jeffs

Jeff Explodes

Jeff Writes Romantic Novels Under A Pseudonym

Jeff The Wino

Jeff Takes Anger Management Classes

Jeff Prank Calls Zalgo

Jeff Becomes An Angry Game Reviewer

Jeff Starts A Pyramid Scam

Jeff Forgets To Wear Underpants

Jeff Is Sacrificed To Pele (the volcano goddess, not the soccer player)

Jeff Carves A Third Eye Into His Forehead

Jeff Projectile Vomits

Jeff meets Johnson (There, happy now?!)

Jeff Meets Bizarro-Jeff

Jeff Hurls Smiledog Into The Sun

Jeff The Killer On Ice!

Jeff Smokes Snivy's Tail

Jeff Gets His Kidneys Stolen

Jeff Drag Races The Rake

Jeff's Sneakers Wear Out

But seriously, it's going to happen sooner or later.

"After Jeff Sneakers Wear Out, He Wears Jane's High Heels".

Jeff Voluntarily Jumps Off A Cliff

Jeff Goes To Antarctica And Freezes His Ass Off Beacuse Let's Face It, That Skimpy Hoodie Wouldn't Do Shit To Protect Him

Jeff Goes Shoggoth-Tipping

Jeff The Killer IN SPACE!!!

Jeff The Killer Aspyxiates In Space

Jeff The Killer Goes Back To Space, With A Spacesuit This Time

Jeff Goes Skinny-Dipping

Jeff's Wart Woes

Jeff Gets Sunburn

Jeff Keep Re-Uploading His Deleted Story To Creepypasta Wiki

Jeff Gets Zits

Jeff The Killer discovers the hard way that he's not completely immune to pain

Jeff Gets Trapped In A Gold Mine

Jeff Can't Breathe Underwater

...OR CAN HE?!

Jeff Really, Really Hates Robots

Jeff Falls Into Molten Lead

Jeff Takes Smiledog To The Vet

Jeff Gets His Ears Pierced

Jeff Gets A Tattoo That He Thinks Means "Ultimate Badass" In Chinese But Really Means "Comes With Free Eggroll"

Jeff Cries A Literal River

Jeff's Offensive T-Shirt

Jeff's Massive, Throbbing...Headache

Jeff Wears A Man-Bra

Jeff's Hair Catches Fire

Jeff Bleeds Copiously From His Anus

Jeff's Eyes Finally Dry Up Like Raisins

Jeff Takes Piano Lessons

Jeff Sticks Tails Doll Up His Ass

Jeff The Killer in: The Big Prison Nun Caper

Jeff the Killer in: The Cliche Hell

Jeff The Killer in: Panties

Jeff The Killer Goes On A Panty Raid

Jeff The Killer Becomes a Jehovah Witness

Jeff The Killer Becomes A Door-To-Door Vaccuum Cleaner Salesman

Honey, I Shrunk Jeff The Killer

Jeff The Killer in: An Adult Contemporary Store

Jeff Pees His Pants

Jeff The Killer in: The Hobo Life

Jeff The Killer, Attack Of The Clon-er VERY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS

Jeff the Killer Discovers The Meaning Of Life and Forgets It Five Seconds Later

Jeff thought to himself: "42"

Jeff The Killer in: A Very Buttbuddy Experience

3 Jeffs At Sea

Jeff Mows His Lawn

Jeff's Big Camp Counselor Experience

jeff and 7 midgets

Jeff The Killer Finds His Mother Attractive (keep in mind that his mother is dead.)

Jeff Gets Posessed By The Ghost Of JFK

Jeff The Killer Retakes Third Grade

Jeff's Shopping Spree

Jeff Finds Jebus & Gets Stabbed

Jeff meets Darth Jeff and fall in l- OFF A CLIFF

Jeff "Discovers" Himself

Part 2: Jeff Gets Caught In A Public Bathroom

Jeff gets banished by KIKKO-BEAM!!!

Jeff Forgets He Has A Bowel Movement

Jeff Finds A Pink Buzzing Thing Rod In His Father's Closet

Jeff Is Frowning On The Inside

Jeff's Nose Grows Back

Jeff Hair-Squeezin's (Low Fat!)

Jeff Vs. Ultraman

Jeff Dyes His Hair Pink

Jeff's Overactive Thyroid Gland

Jeff Gets Elephantisis Of The Balls

Jeff Spams in Chat & Gets Kickbanned

Jeff BBQ's Children

Jeff Gets Ass Rabies

Jeff Walks Like An Egyptian

Jeff Gets Hit In The Head With A Coconut!

Jeff Gets Hit In The Head With TWO Coconuts!!

Jeff Wears Lederhosen

Jeff Is Convinced He Can Fly

Jeff Sweats Profusely

Jeff Gets Scurvy (well he ought to, all he seems to eat is meat)

Jeff Goes Ice Fishing

Slenderman cuts off Jeff's hair and uses it as a toupee

Jeff reads this page and has to take an asprin. THEND!

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