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This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

The sixth part of the "Jeff Spinoffs" saga. Part one. Part two. Part three. Part four. Part Five. Part seven.

The List!

Jeff Goes Vegan

Jeff vs. Foot Fungus

Jeff Takes An Arrow To The Freakin' Head

Jeff Listens To A Conch Shell (it says "KILL EVERYONE")

Jeff Gets Boiled In Oil And Served With A Side Of Coleslaw

Jeff Discovers TV Tropes

Jeff Misses Soft Toilet Paper

Jeff Runs A Marathon

Jeff Catches The Gingerbread Man

Jeff Chips One Of His Incisors

Jeff Gets Food Poisoning

Jeff Plays Hotdog Storm (yes, that really is the name of a video game. Stop giggling!)

Jeff Gets Asthma

Jeff Goes Back In Time And Kills His Past Self; erases himself from existence AGAIN

Jeff Craps In A Bucket

Jeff Uses The Naughty Hungarian Phrasebook


Jeff Pricks His Finger On A Spinning Wheel And Sleeps For A Hundred Years

Jeff Frenches Smiledog

Jeff Buries Himself Alive

Jeff Becomes A Proffessional Wrestler

Jeff Plays With An Ouija Board

Jeff vs. The Fuckaroo

Jeff Meets Domo

Jeff Shills ShamWow

Jeff In An Igloo

Jeff Screws An Electric Fan

Jeff Drinks Milk Straight From The Carton

Jeff Breakdances

Jeff Shops At Wal-Mart

Jeff Does What Nintendon't

Jeff Gets A Cursed Pocketwatch

Jeff Punches Through Time

Jeff Gets Tossed Into A Garbage Compactor

Jeff Kills A Jogger With His Energy Ki Attack

Jeff Lusts After The Mongolian Death Worm

Jeff Drinks Everclear

Jeff Finds Out Why Major Tom Really Made The Grade

Jeff Takes A Vacation To The Dogscape

Jeff Watches Reruns Of "My Life As A Teenage Robot" Religiously

Jeff Waxes On; Waxes Off

Jeff Decides To Play Deadpool In A Game Of Checkers (PEOPLE CHECKERS.)

Jeff Inhales. Jeff Exhales. Jeff Inhales. Jeff Exhales.

Jeff Daydreams About Becoming An Evil Overlord

Jeff Licks Stamps

Jeff Flips Off Heron

Jeff Gets Four O' Clock Shadow

Jeff Wears A Flea Collar

Jeff Swallows An Armed Hand Grenade

Jeff Juggles Nuclear Warheads

Jeff Reads Fifty Shades Of Grey

Jeff Gets A Cowlick

Jeff Goes Into A Trance After Looking At Too Many Fractals

Jeff Goes On A Date

Jeff Plays The Choking Game

Jeff Divides By Zero

Jeff vs. The Thought Police

Jeff Is Taken To Room 101

Jeff Is Eaten By A Sperm Whale

Jeff Abuses The Copy-&-Paste Function

Jeff Abuses The Copy-&-Paste Function

Jeff Is Banned For Spamming This Page

Jeff Writes A Fan Fic

Jeff the Schizophrenic "Go to sleep, George. You too, Fred."

Rellik Eht Ffej

Jeff Takes Up Bodybuilding

Jeff The Alzheimer's Patient. "Hi James. Hi James. Hi James. Hi Charles. Hi James."

Jeff Becomes A Clown And Squirts Seltzer Down Slendy's Pants

Jeff the Midget "Go to... Get me that step ladder. I can't reach."

Jeff The Sperm Cell

Jeff's Dick Falls Off

Jeff Wins A Hotdog-Eating Contest

Jeff Gets The Midas Touch

Jeff The Burrito

A Wizard Has Turned Jeff Into A Whale. Is this awesome y/n

Jeff Becomes A Brony

Jeff Vs. Tuxedo Mask

Jeff Mysteriously Smells Like Garlic

Jeff and Liu Destroy The Moon

Jeff Plays Ghosts N' Goblins And Rage Quits


Jeff the Yoda Impersonator "Sleep, you shall go to?"

Jeff Steps On The Broken Glass Beast

The Broken Glass Beast Laughs At Jeff's Misfortune

Jeff Laughs at the Broken Glass Beast While Melting It With Fucking Awesome Laser Eyes

Jeff Teams Up With Johnson To Destroy Majin Buu

Jeff Plays Operation

Jeff Pilots The Death Star

Jeff Makes Lotsa Spaghetti

Jeff Does A Tex Avery-Style Wild Take

Jeff vs. Predator

Jeff Takes An Antacid Tablet

Jeff Turns The Easter Bunny Into Rabbit Stew

Jeff Goes to Burger King and eats 50 Whoppers and pees on the cashier

Jeff pops out of Slendy's birthday cake

Jeff Meditates Under A Waterfall

Jeff Uses A Condom?!

There Is No Jeff, Only Zuul

Jeff's Sudden Sexyness (What have you done to Walui...I mean, Jeff?!)

Jeff the Killer Shoots Himself in the Foot (SPOILER ALERT his Health Insurance doesn't cover self-inflicted injury)

Jeff the Killer Steals $40 worth of Fruit

Jeff the Killer Meets the Demoman and Subsequently Almost Gets Blown Up

Jeff Gets Turned Into Balloons By The Balloonatic

Jeff the Killer Goes to Tokyo to Buy Bananas

Jeff Unlocks the Rainbow Cap

Jeff Pelvic Thrusts

Jeff Finds Jesus; Doesn't Change A Bit. Only instead of saying "GO TO SLEEP" and stabbing you to death, he says "JESUS LOVES YOU" and stabs you to death.

Jeff Becomes An Elvis Impersonator

Jeff the Killer Attempts to use the Flying Guillotine to Melee Kill Someone (SPOILER ALERT he somehow pulls it off)

Jeff Dies Of Embarassment

Jeff Drinks too Much and Wakes Up Without a Heart (SPOILER ALERT he was a robot ALL ALONG)

Jeff the Killer Drinks 5 Gallons of Snapple Before Putting his Cat Down (SPOILER ALERT he kills the vet)

Jeff the Killer vs. Scott Pilgrim in Castle Crashers

Jeff, BEN, and Merasmus Wait for their Lunch for 40 Minutes and then Leave the Restaurant

Jeff Is Turning Japanese, He Really Thinks So

Jeff Administers The Heimlich Manuver

Jeff Hogs The Blankets

Jeff Becomes A Lifeguard

Jeff's Body Is Ready

Jeff Rolls A 1

Jeff Whines About His Pasta Being Marked For Review And Won't Stop Harassing The Admins Until The Category Is Removed

Jeff Plays Whack-A-B.O.B.

Jeff Turns Into A Walking Anus

Jeff Eats 1000 Babies

Jeff Rolls Down The Hill

Jeff Came Here To Fuck Bitches

Jeff Eats TWO Weiners

Jeff Listens To Slayer

Jeff Breaks Out In A Rash

Jeff Craves Pickles And Ice Cream

Jeff Double Dates With Voldemort

Jeff Absorbs Justin Beiber And Becomes A Creature Of Unimaginable Destruction

Jeff the Killer vs. His Angry Mother in Law Who He Hasn't Called in Six Months.

Frank Miller's Jeff The Killer

Jeff The Killer vs. Batman

Jeff Sprouts Wings And Flies Away "I'm sad that I'm flying."

Jeff Eats Paste "that's why he's so pale." -MooseJuice

In Soviet Russia, Sleep Goes To You

Jeff Becomes An Old-Timey Cartoon

Jeff Rustles His Jimmies

Jeff's Head Pops Off

Jeff Sings "Happy Happy Joy Joy" with BEN

Jeff Is Drawn By Rob Liefeld (and so now we come full circle.)

Jeff Sues His Doctor For Receiving a Sex Change Instead of Getting His Appendix Removed.

Jeff Can't Explain Why He Finds Gum in His Hair

Jeff Steps On The Broken Glass Beast Again, With Cleats This Time

Jeff Becomes a Contestant on WHO FARTED?

Jeff Slaughters his Teacher Using Tapeworms (SPOILER ALERT it takes a long time)

Jeff the Killer Endorses the Gameboy Camera in 2010

Jeff Somehow Manages to Turn a Circle Inside-Out

Jeff the Killer Plays Scary Maze and Doesn't Fall for it

Jeff Comes Under Attack From The Army Of Vomiting Mice

Jeff tries to Hug Bushcraft Medic, gets Assaulted by A Tumbleweed

Jeff Murders Everyone Who Posts That Stupid Screamer Of Him In Chat

Slenderman Kicks Jeff In The Dick

Jeff Enouncters A Shiny Version Of Himself

Jeff Becomes A Happy Happyist

Jeff Still Thinks "The Game" Is a Good Meme.

Jeff Stares At The Sun And Goes Blind

Jeff Uses The Balloonatic As A Beanbag Chair

Jeff Becomes a Battery Farmer

Jeff Jumps Into A Boiling Stewpot

Jeff's Teeth Rot

Jeff Rides The Douche Canoe

Jeff Makes a Snuff Film and Forgets to Turn the Camera On

Jeff Voids His Bladder On Cleric

Jeff Goes Ice Skating

Jeff Plays Ganabare Ginkun with BEN

In Creepypasta News, Jeff the Killer has been forcibly removed from Baskin-Robbins

Jeff Eats Cliches For Breakfast, Blogicles For Dessert

Jeff Eats All The Spinoffs and Gets A Bellyache

Jeff Trolls People on Mario Kart Wii

Jeff Takes 67 Minutes Just to Butter his Toast

Jeff Shoots a BB Gun at Trains

Jeff Pukes Twenty Times Over a Month

Jeff and Herobrine do Taxes with Slendy

Jeff the Killer Drinks Nose Jamba Juice with the Cockagonal Hyena

Jeff Removes His Testes and Throws Them Into Oncoming Traffic as Protest

Jeff Murders Brick And Moves On To Part 7.

Jeff Becomes an Organ Donor

Jeff finds out his true sexuality

JeFf TyPeS lIkE tHiS fOr HaLf An HoUr

Jeff Grows 3 Inches Over the Summer

Jeff Eats his Homework and Claims that Smile Dog did it

Jeff Makes 3 Jeff the Killer Spinoffs Based on the Spinoffs we all Named

Jeff the Killer says THEND Instead of GO TO SLEEP to Spice Up his Life

Jeff Meets Christian Weston Chandler

Jeff Becomes a Burglar After Being Stabbed by Liu's Zombie

Jeff Plays Pet Society for 6 Years

Birdman Kicked Jeff's Ass

Angry Jeffs

Jeff's Hoodie Comes Unraveled

Jeff Follows His (lack of) Nose. Follow your nose! It always knows! The flavor of babies! Wherever they grows!

Jeff Becomes A Level 3 Dark Wizard

Jeff Skeletonizes

Jeff Eat World!

Jeff used LEER! But, it failed!

Jeff Sheds His Winter Coat

Jeff Rides Mothra

Jeff Wears Tassel Pasties On His Nipples And Swings 'Em Around In Slendy's Face

Jeff Thinks He's A Hummingbird

Jeff Self-Detonates

Jeff discovers The Funniest Joke In The World; doesn't get it

and then Jeff popped out of your wife's go, "OH GOD WHY!!!"

Jane gets eviscerated by a vengeful songbird.

Jeff becomes a Physical Mentalist, somehow.

Jeff Learns to Ride a Bike; ends up Running Over All the Children.

Jeff Learns PK Starstorm.

Jeff Gets Eaten By A Giant Bulborb

Jeff The Tank Engine

Dehydrated Jeff, Just Add Water

Jeff Becomes A Sunflower

... I'm imagining a version of "Married With Children", where Slendy is Al and Jeff is Peggy.

Jeff Makes Love to Fanart of Fur

Jeff Wins A Date With Wolves; Has His Face Turn Pink again From The Slaps.

Jeff finds the fundamental joy of Pokemon

Jeff used SCARY FACE!

It's super effective!

Jeff Eats Jif

Jeff Glows In The Dark

Jeff Wipes The Grin Off His Face

Jeff Pops Out Of The Skeleton

Jeff Pops Out Of Slenderman

Jeff Pops Out Of Bricks' Bellybutton

Jeff Pops Out Of The Ground

Jeff Pops Out Of A Pie

Jeff Pops Out Of YOU

Jeff's Ears Become Clitorises.

Jeff Becomes Physically Attracted To Sheep

Jeff is Neither Late, Nor is He Early.

Jeff Slaughters All His Fangirls, One By One.

Jeff Uses Odor-Eaters

Jeff Finally Rids The Earth Of Justin Beiber

Jeff's New Tongue Peircing

Jeff Adopts a Cat Named Mr. Fluffykins, and Then the Cat Eats Itself. (SPOILER: It was actually Smiledog that killed him.)

Jeff Violates The Balloonatic

Jeff Goes To The Center Of The Earth

Jeff Gets Dipped In Molten Lava

Jeff Eats Whale Blubber And Gets Sick

Jeff and the Mundane Happenings

Jeff Gets a Pillow Surgically Attached To His Arm.

Jeff Needs Victims Badly!

Jeff Teleports Into A Rock

Jeff Writes A Poorly-Made Creepypasta; Demands Asspats For It

Jeff's Red Tent Party

Jeff Stars in an Amateur Production of The Rocky Horror Show.

Jeff Sucks Serious Balls

Jeff and the Broken Glass Sweater (the BGB made it himself)

Jeff Thumb Wrestles His Plumber (Spoilers: His plumber is Jesus)

Jeff Wears A Cone Bra

Jeff Wears A Top Hat And Monocle

Jef Pops His Monocle

Jeff Goes Too Far In His Bleaching Endeavors And Bleaches His Anus, Too

Jeff's Dick Is White, Too

Jeff Loses All Of His Pigmentation

Jeff Plays Hot Potato With A Lit Bomb

Jeff The Donut

Jeff Becomes Super Manly

Jeff Grows An Extra Set Of Nipples

Jeff's Knife Breaks (OH NOES!!!)

Jeff Gets Beaten by Glass Joe

Jeff Buy's Risky's Revenge and Tells Everyone to Buy It

Jeff the Killer can't Figure Out What to Give Slendy for his Birthday

Jeff Catches a Stomach Virus, Plays Borderlands all Day

Jeff Accidentally His Whole Knife

Jeff Drinks Seawater

Jeff Gets Hit In The Head With A Basketball

Jeff Was Phone

Jeff Finds Waldo/Wally


Jeff Becomes A Sword-Swallower

Jeff Plays Scott Pilgrim: the Game Just to Hear the Music

The Balloonicorn Appears in Jeff's Dreams

Jeff Starts to Have Nightmares

Jeff Consults his Psychiatrist About his Nightmares in his Bloodiest Hoodie

Jeff vs. a Psychiatrist

Jeff Washes His Hoodie At The Laundromat

Jeff Gets A Moustache

Jeff Gets Amnesia

Jeff will PUMP *clap* YOU UP!

Jeff Cops A Feel

Jeff Eats Corn On The Cob

Jeff learns The Terrible Secret Of Space

Jeff's Magic Sparkling Rainbow Dildo

Jeff The Killer in: Kimchee Mania

Jeff Gets Bronchitis

Jeff Ain't Got Time For Dat

Jeff Thinks Nobody Got Time For Dat

Jeff Transforms Into A Saguaro Cactus

Jeff gets locked in a safe

Jeff Breastfeeds a Wounded Sparrow (SPOILER: He's fattening it up for slaughter.)

Jeff Masters Chopsticks

Jeff vs. the Wave O' Babies

Jeff Bites His Tongue

Jeff Sticks To The Roof Of Your Mouth

Jeff Gets His Butt Cut Off And Mounted Over Zalgo's Fireplace

Jeff Rides A Chocobo

Jeff Gets Dizzy

Jeff Knows All Toasters Toast Toast

Jeff Sits Around And Chews The Fat

Do Not Trust The Slenderman, The Humans Must Be Stabbed

Do Not Trust The Jeff, He Is Malfunctioning

Jeff's Nostril Lasers

Jeff's Sudden Baldness

Jeff's Giant Tanuki Balls

Jeff Is Told To Read The Wiki Rules And Loses His Shit Even More

Jeff Gets Broken Glass In His Ass (guess who's responsble?)

Jeff Loses Control Of His Man Bits

Jeff VS cyber bullying

Jeff is Well Hung...from a tree

Jeff Uses a Shakeweight

Jeff Gets a Lyra Plushy.

Jeff Uses The Ab-Abber 2000

Jeff Gets Physically Ill From All Of These Suggestions

Jeff goes on a bad trip from smoking too much weed and starts to believe he is just a brain in space.


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