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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

The fifth part of the "Jeff Spinoffs" saga. Part one. Part two. Part three. Part four. Part six. Part seven.

Jeff Plays Baseball

Jeff Steals Fizzy Lifting Drinks

Jeff vs. Grapefruit (it always squirts in his eye when he tries to eat it)

Jeff The Killer Suddenly Gains Body Hair

Jeff Rides A Pterosaur

Jeff's Laser Eyes!!!

Jeff Gets Peelz

Jeff Was The Walrus

Jeff Goes To Party City

Jeff Gets His Own Leitmotif

Jeff Swallows His Chewing Gum

3 Jeff Moon

Jeff Is Tirstee! You Got Anything To Drinkee?

Jeff Sumberges Himself In Butterscotch Pudding

Jeff Steals The Crown Jewels

Jeff faces death by BOONGA-BOONGA!!!

Jeff Pupates

Jeff Finds The One Light On The Christmas Tree That Makes All The Others Go Out

Jeff Shovels His Walk

Jeff Gets Buried In Snow

Jeff Gets Stuck In A Parallel Universe Where Everything Is Made Of Gelatin

Jeff Gets Stuck In A Parallel Universe Where Everything Is Directed By Michael Bay

Jeff Gets Stuck In A Parallel Universe Where Everything Is Left Unfin

sdrawkcaB sI gnihtyrevE erehW esrevinU lellaraP A nI kcutS steG ffeJ

jeff gets stuck in a parallel universe where everything is lowercased

Jef Gets Stuck In A Parallel Universe Where Everything Is Made Of Meat. Jeff: "....I'm okay with this."

Jeff Eats Sweet & Sour Shrimp

Jeff Smokes Pot With Jesus And Vinshu

Jeff's Second Childhood

Jeff Is Sprayed By A Skunk

Jeff Bangs His Belly Like A Drum

Jeff Becomes A Mad Scientist

Jeff Creates An Antimatter Clone Of Himself

Jeff Wins A Year's Supply Of Potato Chips

Jeff Grows To The Size Of The Chrysler Building

Jeff Tries To Attract A Mate

Jeff The Killer Screams Like A Little Girl

Jeff Tries To Find Out How Many Licks It Takes To Get To The Tootise Roll Center Of A Tootsie Pop

Jeff is Stuck On Band Aid Brand, Cuz Germs Don't Stick On Him

Jeff Is Frozen In Carbonite

Jeff vs. Leprechauns

Jeff Drags His Lacerated Body To The Hospital After Accusing Heron Of Being Gay

Jeff Bellydances

Jeff Trains A Magikarp

Jeff Cuts His Tongue and Eats A Potato Chip

Jeff Absorbs Twice His Weight In Acid

Jef Gets Freeze-Dried

Jeff On Stilts

Jeff Dresses As Slenderman For Halloween and Slendy Dresses As Jeff

Jeff The Human Cannonball

Jeff Opens A Store in Miami Dedicated To Knock-off Disney Products

Jeff's Orgy

Jeff Got Fingered

Jeff Grows Tentacles

Jeff falls off the ledge of a building and bounces off the pavement like a superball

Jeff Moves To Iran

Jeff Rips Smildeog's Fur Off And Wears It As A Bandana

Jeff Becomes A Devotee Of Charles Manson

Jeff Meditates To R. Kelly Pissing On Someone

Jeff gets NOTHING

Jeff Finds Something More Screwed Up Than Him (ya mean his fangirls? Ba dum tsshhh.)

Jeff Realizes He Has Testicles

Jeff's dick EXPLODES!!!

Jeff Paints His Fingernails

Jeff Gets Infected By The Flood

Jeff wants you to eat his dust and lick his crack.

Jeff Plants A Bomb In Times Square, But It Somehow Winds Up In His Escape Vehicle Instead

Jeff Gets Killed And Is Reincarnated As A Dung Beetle

Jeff Slips On A Banana Peel

Jeff The Killer, The Striped Green Rabbit With Two Butts

Jeff Gets Hit In The Butt With A Tranquilizer Dart Designed For A Rhino

Jeff presses "subscribe"

Jeff does the Banana and Sprite Challenge and is the First to Throw Up

Jeff goes Frolicking with Furbearingbrick

 Jeff Flirts With All The Male Users

Jeff Wears Gold Glitter Lipstick

Jeff's Toenails Become Disturbingly Long

Jeff Starves

Jeff Wears A Novelty Beer Mug-Shaped Hat

Jeff vs. George Lucas

Jeff Gets Stuffed Into A Washing Machine

Jeff Foams At The Mouth

Jeff Casts "FROTZ"

Jeff vs. His Own Horrible Stench

Jeff's Belch Literally Wakes The Dead

Jeff Finds The Technicolor Dream Coat

Jeff vs Linkstar

Jeff Becomes a Hooker To Make an Easy Buck.

Jeff Listens To "Revolution 9"

Jeff Hypnotizes Himself

Jeff Has A Bad Case Of Static Cling

Jeff Gets Massive Pecs

Jeff Roots In The Garbage

Jeff Eats With His Feets

Jeff Has Robots Come Out Of His Forehead

Jeff's Orgasm Of Death

Jeff Becomes Bow-Legged

Jeff Teaches Me How To Dougie

Jeff Eats a Turnip Shaped Like a "Thingy"

Jeff faps and accidentally cuts off his pen0r with his knife

Jeff Kidnaps Princess Peach

Jeff's Nipples Get Amputated

Jeff Stuffs A Pinecone Up His Urethra

Jeff Wears A Business Suit

2 Jeffs 1 Cup

Jeff Becomes A Shock Jock

Jeff Drinks Too Much Beer

Jeff never closes his eyes. But can he see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Jeff joins Team Rocket

Jeff gets castrated

Jeff Plays Bomberman

Jeff Sticks His Entire Fist In His Mouth

Jeff Sings Opera

Jeff Turns Invisible

Jeff vs. A Shoddy Bootleg Knockoff Of Himself

Jeff Gets A Cold

Jeff vs. PETA

Jeff Wears Argyle Socks


Jeff Takes His Butthurt To Gaia Online And Insults Everyone Who Disagrees With Him

Jeff Heads To 4Chan And Fails To Convince Anyone To join His Cause

Jeff Has To Pass Gas

Jeff Drinks A Double Martini

Jeff Slathers His Naked Body In Honey And Goes To A Hornet's Nest

Jeff's Hot, Sticky Fluids

Jeff Takes The A-Train

Jeff In The Matrix

Jeff Mimics Lady Gaga

Jeff Gets Knocked Unconcious

Jeff Destroys An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Jeff's Constipation

Rub Jeff's Belly For Luck

Jeff The Killer: The Breakfast Cereal. Turns the milk blood-red!

Jeff Chases A Greased Pig

Jeff In Drag!

Jeff Injects Collagen Into His Lips

Jeff Sticks His Dick In A Cheerio

Jeff's GIFs

Jeff Is Saddened By A Bad, Dissapeared Blog

Jeff Gets Colon Cancer

Jeff Uses His Stabbin' Hand To Masturbate

Jeff's Long-Lost Third Cousin Twice Removed, Bleff! He's faster than The Rake, smarter than Slenderman, stronger than Zalgo, and has a million superpowers! And he's kawaii bishie, too! He then gets brutally murdered by Jeff 15 seconds after his introduction. Yay!

Jeff Needs To Shower With Steel Wool And Indiustrial Detergent After Reading That Last Entry

Jeff The Litterbug. One day, if you read a paper about farm appliances, he will come after you, and leave a CRISP PACKET ON THE FLOOR.

Jeff vs. Wario

Jeff makes a sandwich. A MURDER SANDWICH.

Jeff vs. The Concept Of Inertia

Jeff Constructs A Golem Shaped Like Himself

Jeff vs. Giant Asian Killer Hornets

Jeff Discovers He's Actually A Baby Slenderman

Jeff's Mighty Tentacle

Jeff laughs at all the horrible "Jeff vs. Slenderman" stories that keep getting uploaded to Creepypasta Wiki

Jeff Tiptoes Through The Corpses

Jeff's Hawaiian Vacation

Jeff At The Kentucky Derby

Jeff Drinks Absinthe

Jeff Vs. Roid Slendy

Jeff Chews Aluminum

Jeff Makes Ten Zillion Sockpuppets And Each One Of Them Gets Permabanned

Jeff Becomes A Sumo Wrestler

Jeff Destroys The Krusty Krab

Jeff Eats The Smurfs

Jeff Makes Sushi

Jeff Meets Wreck-It Ralph

Jeff Plays Mousetrap, gets frustrated and quits

Jeff Gets His Shoes Stolen

Jeff gives the Rake a good, swift kick in the Rake

Slenderman puts Jeff in a box, and takes a saw, and saws him.

Slendy: "You're a girl. From Sweden. And you want me to take a saw to Jeff The Killer. Um, I think we might need to get married, Agnes."

Jeff Gets Attacked By Moai From Gradius

Jeff Shoots A Ripple Laser

Jeff Steals From The Rich and Gives To Himself

Jeff's Power Level Is Over 9000

Jeff Goes Super Saiyan

Jeff Eats His Severed Toe on a Stick.

Jeff Wears A Parka

Jeff Gets Ripped...In Half

Jeff Goes To Comic-Con As Himself

Jeff Bites The Dust And Eats Mud For Dessert

Jeff sees this page and takes a long, stiff drink. THEND!

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