Jeff The Killer Spinoffs That Will Never Happen

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This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

NOTE: This all began with a joke by Furbearingbrick in chat, "What if Jeff The Killer were drawn by Rob Liefeld?" Other users came up with their own ideas for disastrous Jeff spinoffs/interpretations, and it never stopped really. What follows are the more amusing ones. Now has two sequels. Scratch that, four. No, five. And a holiday special.

Jeff Gets Diabeetus.

Jeff Grows a Walrus Moustache because of it.

He keeps having to inject insulin while stalking people.

Jeff and Jane's Sexy Fun Times

Jeff and Cleric's Massive Orgy

Jeff The Killer get's a sex change/Becomes Lesbian.

Jeff The Killer Visits The Gynecologist

Jeff The Killer Clones Himself. "My own clone!" "Now neither of us will be virgins!"

Jeff the Killer uses Hyper-Realistic Descriptor. It was super effective

Jeff The Killer Gets Banned From The Wiki And Gets Butthurt

Jeff The Killer Gives Blood...HIS VICTIMS'

Jeff The Killer Gets An Anal Probe

Jeff the Killer>"Okay! That does it! Now LISTEN! Why is it that everything today has involved things going in, or coming out of, my ass!"

Michael Bay's Jeff The Killer

Jeff The Killer meets Mecha-Hitler.

Jeff The Killer Gets Manboobs... And squeezes them.

Jeff Discovers That He Has Chalimyda

Jeff Wears A Green Hoodie Because His White One Is At The Cleaners

Jeff Writes A Children's Show (It doesn't End Well)

Jeff Gets His Wisdom Teeth Pulled

Jeff Discovers Puberty

Jeff Experiments with Smiledog

Jeff Files His Tax Returns

Jeff Shits Bricks

Brick Shits Jeff (aww man, what did I eatlast night?!)

Jeff Eats His Fangirls

Jeff Becomes A Superhero


Jeff The Ninja Turtle

Jeff Takes Steroids (Wait, that one actually exists. Nevermind.)

Jeff Types With Boxing Gloves On

Jeff: 20,000 BC

Jeff Licks A Frozen Doorknob

Jeff Is Actually A Snatcher (YOU LOOKED! JUNKER!)

Jeff Takes Bath Salts; Doesn't Change a Bit.

Jeff meets Happy Wheels

Jeff Goes To Hell; Gets Kicked Out

Jeff vs The Heartbreak Of Psoriasis

Jeff Vs. Headcrabs

Wolfenmaus &Furbearingbrick Make Fun of Jeff "Rated Five Stars by Slendy Weekly!"


Jeff Is Forced To Wash His Hair

Jeff's Clothes Are Stolen By The Rake While He Bathes In The River

Jeff Switches Brains With A Gorilla

Jeff Finally Starts To Hallucinate From His Extensive Sleep Deprivation

Jeff Trips Balls

Jeff Drinks An Entire Jug Of Moonshine And Passes Out, Awakens To Find Slendy Has Sharpied Rude Drawings On His Face

Jeff Doesn't Love Your Shitty OC, Get Over It

Jeff Inhales Smiledog, Slendy Shrinks To Microscopic Size To Retrieve Him

Jeff Purchases An iPhone 5

Jeff Drops The Soap

Jeff Trips On A Roller Skate, Gets A Concussion

Jeff Becomes Morbidly Obese

Jeff, Slendy, Heron, Zalgo and Patrixxx Play Mahjonng

"Jeff Becomes A Hyper-Intelligent Scholar, Solves World Hunger and Propels Mankind to the great beyond. Then he eats people like candy and Slaughters Mankind because why the fuck not?"

Baby! It's what's for dinner!

Baby! The other, other white meat!

Jeff Becomes A Legomaniac

Jeff Vs The Screaming Shits

Jeff Gets The Flu

Seriously, what WOULD happen if Jeff got the flu? Would he be too sick to stalk people, or would he intentionally spread it to his victims instead of killing them?

Jeff vs Hayfever

Jeff Smells So Bad He Can Stun A Yak At 100 Yards

Jeff The Killer's Rampaging Gayness

Jeff The Killer Pees On Heron's Nest, Gets His Eyes Pecked Out

Jeff Thinks He Has A Week To Live, Suddenly Becomes Nicer To Slendy

Attack Of The 50-Foot Jeff

Jeff The Killer Does Your Mum

Jeff The Eats Too Much Halloween Candy

Jeff Gets Preganant

Jeff's First Pube

Jeff Grows A Beard

Jeff's Beard Hops Off His Face And Goes On A Maniacal Fuck-Fest

Jeff Drinks Bleach And Dies

Jeff Is Forced To Work For A Living

Jeff Turns Himself Inside Out

Jeff Bakes Cookies...OF DEATH!!

Jeff Gets The Infinity Gauntlet

Jeff Vs. Godzilla

Jeff Turns Into A Tree

Jeff Turns Dolan Into Duck a 'lorange

Jeff's Prom Date From Hell

Jeff Attempts To Learn To Drive

Jeff Paints The Spare Room

Jeff Begs For Change

Jeff OD's

Jeff Sets Up A Wile E. Coyote Style Trap To Catch A Sleepwalker, Which Backfires In A Predictable Yet Hilarious Manner

Jeff Steps On A Lego

Jeff Overeats On Thanksgiving

Jeff vs....HIMSELF?!

Jeff Becomes A Yellow Lantern

Jeff The Condom. Wait wat.

Jeff Gets Athlete's Foot

Jeff Moons Everybody

Jeff Grows A Second Head (not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter)

Jeff Reproduces By Budding

Jeff Eats a Sack of Bagels.

Jeff Requires More Vespene Gas

Jeff the Killer Waits Patiently For Minecraft To Open and Fully Load.

Jeff The Killer Gets Caught In A Sandstorm; Immediately Regrets Having Burned Off His Eyelids

Jeff Gets Visited by a Genie and Wishes To Be a Real Woman.

Jeff Becomes a Creepypasta Wiki Admin and Bans Everyone.

Jeff Stabs Pedobear In The Eye

Jeff Takes Viagra

It makes his knife grow bigger :P

His knife sure is sharp

It can penetrate anything ;o

Jeff Drinks Bongwater

Jeff's Jock Itch Adventure


Jeff Drinks His Own Body Fluids

And, last but not least, Jeff dies laughing looking at all these stupid ideas.

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