Return of the Revenge of the Son of the Jeff Spinoffs

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This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

It's baaaack! I hope your remember the rules.

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7.

The List

Jeff The Killer Plays Prince Of Persia.

Jeff Makes a Jeff Spin-off and gets banned.

Jeff Wears Briefs

Jeff Learns Judo

Jeff Hits Himself In The Head With A Frying Pan

Jeff Is Running Out Of Ideas For Jeff Spinoffs

Jeff Finds Patrixxx and dies

Jeff Cheats At Pokemon

Jeff Is Sad That He Can't Have Twinkies Anymore

Jeff vs. Foreclosure

Jeff Stars In A Laughably Bad FMV Game

Jeff Buys A Suspiciously Haunted-Looking Majora's Mask Cartridge At A Creepy Old Man's Yard Sale

Jeff and the Brain

King of the Jeff

Jeff's Printer Gets A Paper Jam

Jeff Has To Borrow A Cup Of Sugar

Jeff Can't Fight City Hall

Jeff The Killer, Attorney At Law

Jeff Eats Too Much And Is Too Full To Chase People.

Jeff gets pregnant with 100 Worm Jeffs.

Jeff Writes A String Of Painfully Unfunny Trollpastas Starring Himself

Jeff has nosebleeds

Jeff's Fallen, And He Can't Get Up

Jeff Plays QWOP

Jeff Can See Forever

Jeff Wobbles

Jeff Flexes His Puny Muscles

Jeff Uses Engrish

Jeff The Killer made a game, about Transformers but it's really lame. Straight from the get-go, this game is...BULLSHIT!

Jeff gets a fever, and is told by the doctor to get plenty of sleep Jeff: "Oh no! Anything but that!"

Jeff Dry-Humps An I-Beam

Jeff Spams the AFK Button and Fucks Up Chat Hacks.

Jeff Trolls MLP Wiki And Is Eviscerated By The Admins

Jeff The Killer and Slenderman Go To White Castle.

Jeff Is Stalked By Pepe Le Pew When A Streak Of White Paint Falls Onto His Hair

Jeff Thinks He's The Sexiest Man Alive

Jeff Takes Laxatives

Jeff The Killer: The Swimsuit Issue

Jeff Is Still Complaining About Garbodor

Jeff Cums Buckets (literally)

Jeff's Deviated Septum

Jeff Slaughters People In The Tunnel Of Love

Jeff Deflates Like A Sad Balloon

Jeff The Killer Uses Photoshop To Make Himself Look Ripped

Will Jeff Blend? That's the question.

Jeff Gets A Terminal Illness In A Lame Attempt To Add Drama To His Stories

Jeff Gets Addicted To The Young And The Restless.

Jeff and Dipper Go To Taco Bell. Jailarity ensues.

Jeff The Killer: The Dog Toy

Jeff The Killer: The Sandwich. Now comes with 20% less knife.

Jeff the Mongoloid, he was a Mongoloid, happier than you and me.

Jeff The Killer: Born To Be A Star.

Jeff Smuggles Tacos Over The Border

Jeff Arm-Wrestles Brick... and loses.

Jeff Asks A Girls Out On A Date, But Then Gets Run Over By A Paranormal Smuggler

Jeff Becomes Lactose Intolerant

Jeff Explodes Into A Million Pastey-White Pieces

Jeff Starts A Time-Share Resale Business.

Jeff is abducted by Drone Jeffs

Jeff Watches Boomerang

Jeff Dreams About Cheese

Jeff Flies A Helicopter And Crashes It Into A Cliff

Jeff Becomes Wile E. Coyote

Jeff Stops Time And Gives Everyone A Wedgie.

Jeff's Face Becomes The Custom Admin Star.

Jeff Is Animated By The Ghost Of Chuck Jones.

Jeff The Adventurer Archeologist

Jeff The Killer Gets Smothered In Jane's Cleavage

Jeff Accidentally Breaks Chat

Jeff refuses to clear his cache.

Jeff Rides A Mechanical Bull

Jeff The Rodeo Clown

Jeff's Amazing 26-Inch Tongue

  • Jeff used LICK! It's super disgusting!

Jeff Drinks Heavily And Plays Around Heavy Machinery

Jeff Burns Down His Home While Trying To Deep-Fry A Turkey

Jeff Uses Calvin's Duplicator

Jeff's Extra Dick

Jeff Sprouts Feathers

Jeff Tries To Grow A Money Tree

Jeff Tries To Give Himself A Tattoo

Jeff Eats Hoody Alive

Jeff's Ill-Fated Attempt To Force A Meme

Jeff's New Band: "Jeff And The Killers"

Jeff The Killer: IN 3D!!!

Jeff Bakes Fappleberry Pie

Jeff Rubs Hot Stones All Over His Body

Jeff Happily Jumps Into A Pit Of Acid

Jeff Launches His Fist Like Mazinger-Z

Jeff Grows A 12-Inch Tallywhacker...on his forehead

Jeff's Head Blows Up

Jeff confesses his love for comic sans.

Jeff Drinks Gasoline And Swallows A Lit Match

Jeff enters Smiledog in the dog show

Jeff used SING! Nothing happened!

Jeff Has An Itch In The Middle Of His Back He Just Can't Reach

Jeff The Killer: The Hot Springs Episode

Jeff Becomes A Huge Douchebag With A Spray-On Tan And an Ed Hardy Jacket

  • Shini: Don't forget he also wears Tapout shirts, too.

Jeff Drinks Herbal Tea

Jeff Makes A Sockpuppet Account And Denies It.

Jeff Shits Rainbows

Jeff's gonna take you back to the past, to play the shitty games that suck ass.

Jeff stars in Pasta Monsters: Srenderman No Nazo.

  • You fight the Operator's Symbol as a boss, three times.
  • Jeff fights a giant Zalgo, but HABIT is the final boss
  • You have to find four notes hidden throughout the levels to play as BEN, and your reward for this a "CONGRATULATION!" screen.

Jeff Sings J-Pop

Jeff Gets Goggles To Avoid Eye Trauma

Jeff Becomes A History Professor

Jeff Attempts To Do The Duck Walk

Jeff And The Temple Of Doom

Jeff Licks Mr. Widemouth, And Chokes On A Hairball

Jeff Cannot Shot Web

Jeff Tries To Find Out How To Undo On An iMac

Jeff The Chair

Jeff Joins Studio Gainax

Jeff Defends Phoenix Wright

Jeff Eats An Octopus

Jeff vs. Screaming Mad George

Jeff Delivers 200 Pizzas To Slendy

Jeff the Killer tries to take over KaibaCorp and Fails.

Jeff Takes Over Capcom, No One Notices

Jeff Tries Southern Cooking and Becomes Obese

James Bond Vs. Jeff The Killer. SPOILER: Jeff loses.

Jeff used Retarded Fangirls! Furbearingbrick banned them!

Jeff Doesn't Realize Furbearingbrick Is Female

Jeff Licks Brick

PastaMonsters!Jeff's legs get tied into a pretzel

Jeff Awakens The Sea Troll

Jeff Impregnates A Rhino

Jeff Hurrs and Durrs

The Abominable Snow-Jeff

Jeff's Liver Is More Swollen By The Day.

Jeff Has A Prostate Exam

Jeff Is So Hungry He Literally Eats A Horse.

Jeff Pukes His Intestines; Swallows Them Back Down

Jeff Is Baked Into A King Cake

Jeff Becomes A Literal Pig. Go to *OINK*

Jeff is blasted with piss.

Jeff Hates Cranberry Pudding

Jeff Breaks A Nail

Jeff Shoots His Toe

Jeff Becomes A Priest; Kills In The Name Of God

Jeff vs. The Leigon Of Butthurt

Jeff Celebrates Kwanzaa

Jeff Spills Hot Coffee On His Crotch

Jeff Fucks The King Of Spider's Keyboard

Jeff Becomes A Mole Out Of Boredom

Jeff Likes To Movitz Movitz

Jeff Gets Cabin Fever.

Jeff Tries On A Santa hat.

Jeff Picks His Teeth


Brick Builds A Snow-Jeff.

  • There must have been some magic in that old white hoodie they found, for when they put it on him he slaughtered their entire families!

Jeff Eats 200 Hot Dogs At Once

Jeff Wraps Up Your Uncles And Aunts In Yards Of Floo Flum Flay

Jeff Rides Tarkus

Jeff's exciting meal has been ruined by the presence of this...LIQUID FILTH!

Jeff Throws Rutabagas

Jeff's got a jar of Patrixxx, Jeff's got a jar of Patrixxx, Jeff's got a jar of Patrixxx, and you'll never guess what's iiiiin it!

Jeff drinks ALL the scotch

Jeff The Decepticon

Jeff Drinks Sriracha Sauce Like Water

Jeff Adds "Suggested Reading" To A Page He Just Created

Inflatable Jeff Decoys.

Jeff Drops Some F-Bombs

Jeff Creates Chindogu "And this machine shakes you to deat- I MEAN SLEEP, SLEEP."

Becomes Batman "I'm JEFF. :3"

Jeff Watches The Japanese Spider-Man series

  • Jeff Eats Happy Appy
  • and gets worms
  • Then shit those worms into Slendy's mouth
  • That's right

Jeff Writes an English Essay " "Go to sleep" (96). This quote shows..."

Jeff Develops Arthritis.

Epic Plot Twist: Jeff is JEFF!!11!! Zomgz!WHO WOULD'VE KNOWN?!

Jeff goes to the zoo

Jeff Gets A Haircut

Jeff sings the Ultra Seven theme song

Jeff Can't Get The Orange Cheeto Powder Out Of His Hoodie.

Jeff becomes a Tokatsu hero and shouts his attacks. GIANT KNIFE BEAM! *preeeeeoooowww*

Jeff Wants To Know What It's Like To Be A Woman For One Day

Jeff vs. Shark Week

Jeff vs. The Power Rangers

Jeff vs. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Jeff DEMANDS asspats for the story he wrote, and threatens to gut anyone who makes corrections on it. He's then permabanned for death threats and pouts.

Jeff Fucks Your Life (but remembers to use a condom)

Jeff Makes Meatloaf

Jeff Cums Knives

Jeff trys to pickup guys in chat

Jeff Circumsises Himself.

Jeff Pisses In Krule's Cheerios.

Jeff pukes on his first date.

Jeff gets a six-pack (of Coke)

Jeff shoots spaghetti out of his hands

Jeff's Balls Itch

Jeff's Head Shrinks

Jeff's Twinkle Tits

Jeff Is Aroused By A Guitar

Jeff rides a cotton pony

Jeff Murders The Snuggle Bear

Jeff Becomes A Mall Santa

Jeff discovers that hard way that NOTHING CAN KILL THE GRIMACE!

Jeff's Deodorant Wears Off.

Jeff Fucks a Bison. The result? Jeffalos!

Jeff Falls Out Of His Computer Chair

Jeff discovers yuri

Jeff's Waistline Expands A Mile

Jeff Plays Metal Slug 5

Jeff Eats The Last Green Jellybean

Jeff Sprinkles Cyanide On Your Popcorn.

Jeff Eats Your Kidneys.

Jeff IS your kidneys.

Jeff Thinks Windex Cures All Ills

Jeff Drinks Jesus Juice

Jeff Is A Terrible Kisser

Jeff harasses and spams in CP Wiki Chat. He gets called on it, so he makes a site full of random chat screenshots edited to make it look like he's the victim. Nobody is fooled and he gets banned AGAIN.

Jeff Just Won't Shut Up About Minecraft In Chat.

Fat Jeffs In Party Hats

Jeff Gets Shipped With An Inanimate Carbon Rod.

Jeff's Hoodie Comes To Life And Strangles Him.

Jeff Gets Into His Hole In Amagira Fault And Comes Out Looking Like His Pre-Insanity Self

Jeff meets The Doctor

Jeff pays his taxes

Jeff whoops Batman's ass

Jeff commits suicide

Jeff is wrapped in foil, stuffed with cubed bread and put in a 350 F oven for 3 hours.

Jeff Is Animated By Hanna Barbera (think of thier old, super-limited animation, not the decent animation from the 90's onward)

Jeff Eats Chocolate And Is Actually A Dog.

Jeff Gets Worm Jeff's Drones To Build Him A Sweet Waterslide

Jeff is trapped in a "smear" frame

Jeff Becomes Addicted To Altoids

Jeff gains 20 pounds of muscle, all in his ass

Jeff grows an elephant trunk

Jeff steals honey from a hive of Drone Jeffs and gets his clothes dissolved by thier acid

Jeff Does The Robot

Jeff Eats The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Jeff Drinks Way Too Much Water And Drowns. BEN: "WELCOME TO MY WORLD! AAH HAHAHAHA!"

Jeff Becomes A Super Stud (he WISHES)

Jeff Tries Ear Candling

Jeff Breaks A Wine Bottle Over His Head

Jeff eats duck intestines in a fuckbucket.

Jeff Gets A Fish Face To Go With His Fish Eyes. Go to *bloop*

Jeff Stalks People In Florida And Sinks Into A Swamp. Then gets eaten by alligators, but they spit him out cuz he's too greasy. See, NOBODY wants him.

Jeff's Awesome Sports Drink That Totally Will Not Turn You Into A Half-Insect, Mutant Slave That Looks Like Him.

Jeff Uses Super Conductor-Beast Liu's shoulders as ring toss targets

Jeff Enters a Raffle, Wins, and Leaves Quietly with $400

Jeff Has an Affair with Bill Clinton. "I did not have sex with Jeff the Killer."

Jeff's belly jiggles like a bowl full of jelly after devouring 12 toddlers.

Jeff Blows His Nose On His Hoodie.

Jeff Trips On His Shoelaces And Falls On His Face.

Jeff Gets Beat Up by 3 Nihilo X

The jeff who stares at goats.

Jeff's sore throat

Jeff moves to Canada

Jeff sues Subway for no real reason

Jeff is afraid of Chinese food

Health-Conscious Jeff Decides Whether or Not to Buy One Percent or Two Percent Milk

Jeff Is Hit By A Tranquilizer Dart Designed For A Bull Elephant, Finally Goes To Sleep

Intense Workout Jeff Buys P90X.

Jeff Tries To Steal Wolfen's Fedora, Gets Stepped On By Brick

Jeff The Wrestler Turns From A Heel To A Face

Jeff Destroys Earth, Forgets He's Still On It

  • Oh Jeff. You dumbass, Jeff.  -Business Cat

[Missing image: Yeahwhydoesnthe.png - Caption: "Fun fact: the "Jeff Destroys Earth" entry was inspired by this joke I made on Chat."]

Jeff Wishes For Fish

Jeff E. Killer, Super Genius!

Jeff's Afro

Jeff Tosses His Cookies

Jeff Is Seasoned With Salt And Pepper And Stuffed With Onions.

Jeff's Stabbin' Hand Is Replaced By A Tentacle

Jeff's Fever Dream

Jeff uses Super-Conductor Beast Liu to charge his laptop

Jeff Coughs Up Black Goo

Jeff Sneezes On Smiledog

Jeff Eats Roast Crocoduck.

Jeff Gets A Bad Cold

Jeff Skins His Knee

Jeff Has Salt Rubbed In His Wound

Jeff Eats One Spicy-a Meatball

Jeff's Adventures In BUTT CRACK CITY

Jeff Believes In The 2012 Apocalpyse And Stocks Up On Canned Food

Jeff Drinks Jolt Cola. "Gotosleepgotosleepgotosleep!! WHEEEE!!!"

Jeff Struggles With Tourettes Syndrome. "Go to fucking shitcock sleep!"

Jeff Becomes Wario. (What would the Wario version of Jeff be called? Wajeff? Waeff?)

[Missing image: Jeffaswario.jpg - Caption: "Drawing by King Krule"]

Jeff Eats A Super-Spicy Pizza

Jeff Poops Bombs

Jeff Wears Fake Eyelashes

Jeff Opens A Can Of Worm Jeffs

Jeff's Battle With Athlete's Foot

Jeff Squared

Jeff Gets A Mouthful Of Novocaine. "Go to phleebbttthhhh."

Jeff Gets Stretch Marks

Jeff's Gold Tooth

Jeff Gets Captured By A Four-Dimensional Elephant

Jeff's Amazing Buttwings

Jeff Drinks Too Much Eggnog

Jeff Gets Lost In The Minotaur's Maze

Jeff Rage Quits

Jeff The Greaser

Jeff Hides In A Cardboard Box

Jeff needs scissors! 61!

Jeff Does A Fusion Dance With Splendorman

Jeff Falls Into A Bottomless Pit

Jeff Plunges Into Freezing Water

Jeffasaurus Rex

Jeff plays Polybius, and dies of a seizure, later gets revived in a world full of robots n' stuff

Jeff Gets The Mother Of All Toothaches

Jeff Gets Adopted

Jeff The Killer Can't Beat Airman

Jeff Sees This Page And Gets His First Ulcer. THEND!

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