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Trollpastas are a sub-genre of creepypasta stories that are occasionally written with intentionally poor grammar and cliched plot devices for comedic effect. Trollpastas will commonly poke fun at well-known creepypasta cliches, varying from haunted game/file stories, to lost episode stories, to simply horrific amalgamations of Internet memes and Mary Sues/bad OC's pertaining to cliched creepypasta. Many trollpastas heavily use established trollpasta characters as satirical devices, primarily EVIL PATRIXXX. While this site primarily hosts trollpastas, bad creepypastas that failed to adhere to the Creepypasta Wiki's quality standards are also hosted here.

... Or in simple person talk, it's a site about goofy stories.

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"Adam Sandler is my fucking life. Adam Sandler should be your life, too. If you disagree, I will mercilessly beat you with a ratchet until you are a shriveling mass of blood and fecal matter."

"I then looked at my phone. I now only had 13 pentagrams in my inventory. They all did nothing. Screams and crys of help along with loud, demonic chanting filled the speakers."

"The door shut, and in that instant, a loud KABOOOOMMM rang my ears. Turning a bright white now instead of red, the TV screen displayed, once more, unbearably realistic and detailed footage of the nuke exploding as it wiped Springfield across the face of the planet in a blast."

"Eddy chased Ed through the cul-de-sac with the mallet. Ed took a sharp turn past Ralph who was giving chickens some feed. Eddy swung for Ed put accidentally killed Ralph in the process."


As a kid I always liked violent video games, so when I became a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, I nearly fell in love with the characters. I had gotten hyped up when I started watching the cutscenes of Shadow the Hedgehog.

The graphics could have been better at the time, but a good game overall. So after around a year, I managed to buy a preowned PlayStation 2 version of the game from a gaming store by the name of GAME. I was nearly overjoyed by the fact that I owned it.

Shadow as a character never did please me with his so called sad and depressing past, with the death of his friend Maria. In the game I knew about the Black Arms, and how Shadow had obtained the ability to work weapons like a handgun, and that he mildly swore throughout the game.

After coming back from the shop with my parents, I instantly went to my room and turned on the PlayStation 2. I put it in and started. The game loaded and the normal starting save data menu had appeared. I of course clicked the new file and nearly jumped out of my skin at a sudden gunshot SFX from my small black TV. Damn game...I never knew that would happen. I instantly recovered and watched the starting cutscene.

The music for Shadow's game had always had my vote as the best soundtrack in a Sonic game, but the theme song "I Am All Of Me" wasn't playing. Only the sounds of a dying city in the background. The cutscene showed Shadow standing in front of a half-destroyed moon. Funny, I thought they had a plot-hole with the moon. Back in Sonic Adventure 2, Dr Eggman had blown half the moon up as threat to the planet. I must have an up to date one or something! This is so cool! (Read more...)

Author unknown

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